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Return Material Authorisation (RMA)

 To optimize the handling of product returns, Vanderbilt launched an online RMA registration process. This process is

supported by a self-explanatory and easy-to-use  online form. The form is available under the Support/After Sales page.


For customers who can log in to the partner area of our website, the setup allows all available customer account information

to be automatically pre-filled. Non-registered customers need to add this information manually. After clicking on ‘SEND’ you

should receive an e-mail confirming that your RMA was placed.


Should you not have received the e-mail, please contact

Your contact information


Please be aware that this process and material is subject to Vanderbilt‘s General Terms and Conditions.
You will find a link to latest version of General Terms and Conditions below.
If you have a special customer agreement / amendment, please specify it at the end of the form.

Forwarding address for replacement or return of repaired goods

Yes, I have read and agree with the Vanderbilt's General Terms and Conditions.

Yes, I have read the Vanderbilt's General Terms and Conditions but I have a special agreement / amendment (please specify)