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Intelligent digital video codecs

SISTORE CX is a professional digital video system (codec) with full device networking facilities to allow appropriate interlocking with danger management systems and data transfer to remote external locations. A separate codec is used for every 4 or 8 camera signals. MPEG-4 standard data compression (MPEG-4 SP/ASP) is processed. An integral network interface allows data transfer and the devices will be configured so that video image data can be recorded on one or more internal hard disks. Optionally, it is also possible to receive a data stream from the network and display it on a local monitor. Simultaneous transmission and reception in mixed operation is also possible (transceiver functionality). In addition to transferring and recording video image data, the codec offers high quality sensor functions when tracking external targets. The coded video images will be of the highest standard, matching DVD quality. The network must satisfy international standards in terms of data transfer. The video streaming is possible with unicast or multicast with TCP or RTP.