WPIR-CRT Wireless - WPIR-CRT Wireless curtain PIR detector

WPIR-CRT Wireless


The WPIR-CRT wireless detector is a passive infra curtain motion detector which is supported by the SPC system. The device has a 12m detection range and a 6° detection angle. The device has firmware configurable settings such as Sensitivity, Pulse Count, Supervision Time and LED behavior.

Technical data


110 g

Dimensions (L x W x H)

103mm x 31.5mm x 34.5mm

Battery lifetime

> 5 years

Battery type

3V Type CR123A Lithium
e.g VARTA CR123A, GP CR123A

Operating temperature

10°C to +50°C

Current consumption

Standby ~11 μA
Receive mode ~24 mA
Transmit mode ~45 mA

Detection type

PYRO Element with Mirror Optics

Detection characteristics / range

12 meter @ 6°