The SPCG310.000 E-BUS Gateway provides an interface between SPC X-BUS and Sintony E-BUS. The gateway enables the SPC controller to recognize Sintony peripheral devices by simulating the E-BUS devices so they appear to the SPC controller as X-BUS devices. The SPC controller supports up to five SPC E-BUS Gateways on its X-BUS. The maximum number of Sintony input zones supported by SPC is 252 and the maximum number of Sintony outputs is 174. The SPCG310.000 is supplied without housing. There are a number of housing options available. The SPC E-BUS Gateway can be mounted within the SPC controller housing, Sintony power supply units or in Sintony transponder housing.

Technical data


X-BUS (In / Out)

Tamper contact

Tamper switch

Operating voltage

9.5 - 14 V DC

Operating current

40 mA

Quiescent current

40 mA


- SPC controller housing
- Sintony transponder housing
- Sintony PSU housing

Operating temperature

-10 to +50 °C


0.020 kg

Relative humidity

Max. 90% (non-condensing)


- SAT12/SMT12
- SMT22
- SAT24/SMT24
- SMT44
- SAK41
- SAK51
- SAK53
- SAP08
- SAP14
- SAP20
- SAP25

Max. number of gateways

5 SPCG310 per SPC / Sintony system; 1 SPCG310 per Sintony E-BUS section

Max. number of hardwired zones

252 (Sintony Inputs)

Max. number of outputs

174 (Sintony Outputs)

Dimensions (L x W x H)

52 x 92 x 13mm