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External PIR detectors – new heights in perimeter surveillance

External motion detectors have an important role to play in modern security systems, providing early warning of a perimeter security breach before intruders gain access to critical buildings or assets.


External passive infrared (PIR) detectors from Vanderbilt push the boundaries of PIR technology, allowing industrial grade intrusion detection systems to become a viable option for a wider range of security applications, from logistics and warehousing sites to high-risk infrastructure such as ports, airports, military sites, or power plants.


The comprehensive range of external PIR detectors offers enhanced performance characteristics and a unique Windows-based configuration software, providing superior detection, lowest nuisance alarm rates, true tamper protection, and trouble-free installation, operation and maintenance.


With standard, high performance and directional models of external PIR detectors available, the security can truly be tailored to the criticality and environmental conditions pertaining to each installation.