The SiPass Entro PR500-Cotag Starter Kit includes everything you need to set up a four-door access control system. This kit can easily be complemented with up to four additional door kits to create a larger system.

Vanderbilt' Cotag technology is unique on the market in that it can provide both proximity and hands-free card reading in the same system. All Cotag readers can read both active (long-range) and passive (proximity) Cotag cards and tags‚ and both types of cards/tags can be mixed in the same system to provide ultimate convenience and cost-efficiency.

The kit includes:

- One SR35i/8+8 segment controller
- SiPass Entro software – Standard edition
- Four DC22 door controllers
- Four PR500-Cotag proximity readers
AK2110-EM Kits


The PR500-EM Door Kit includes: - One DC22 door controller - One PR500-EM reader