The DC22 is designed to monitor and control one door in a SiPass Entro or SiPass integrated system. When BC-Link is used, a single DC22 can support two readers and thereby control both entries and exits to a restricted area (anti-passback). The DC22 includes an integrated status display window to simplify installation and service. It is compatible both with SiPass readers and with most third-party readers that support Wiegand and Clock&Data standards. The major difference between the DC12 and the DC22 is that the DC22 has additional inputs/outputs that support advanced alarm control functions, e.g. alarm status feedback (ASF). These are essential when integration with an intrusion detection system is required. The DC22 also has two outputs for electric locks (day/night lock) as well as separate inputs for open/closed and unlocked/locked door. Note: The intrusion and ASF functions of the DC22 are only available in SiPass Entro.

Technical data


To reader: BC-Link, Clock&Data (track 2) or Wiegand (26 bit, 32 bit, 8 bit burst)
To controller: RS485 system com bus

Operating voltage

8 to 40 VDC‚ 8 to 30 VAC

Power consumption

Without reader
Power save 12V DC: 0.65 W
Full on 12V DC: 1.38 W
Power save 24V DC: 0.68 W
Full on 24V DC: 1.41 W


Exit button. Door contact for indicating closed/open door. Lock status sensor for indicating locked/unlocked door. Alarm bypass activating from a button or a timer. Alarm Status Feedback (ASF). Indication of alarm status (red LED).


Voltage-free change over contact
(lock relay)‚ max. 2 A‚ 30V.
Voltage-free closing contact
(motorlock relay)‚ max. 2 A‚ 30V.
Voltage-free change over contact
(alarm bypass relay)‚ max. 2 A‚ 30V.
Voltage-free closing contact (door
held warning relay

Tamper switch


Operating temperature

-35 to +50 °C


Indoor use only


Wall-mounted composite housing



Dimensions (W x H x D)

248 x 182 x 55 mm


0.7 kg