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This DVD contains: - SiPass integrated software and documentation - SiPass integrated firmware and installation tool - SiPass integrated hardware documentation - Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition

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The PM500-GP reads Vanderbilt unique Cotag cards and tags (both active and passive) which offers ultimate convenience and cost-efficiency. The PM500-GP is designed to fit most remote call point enclosures. It is supplied with a custom-machined perspex front panel for increased aesthetic appeal. It has a reading range of up to 23 cm with an active card and 8 cm with a passive card. It is delivered without any configuration. The onboard interface library supports popular Clock&Data and Wiegand interfaces. The interface is set using a configuration card. The distributor code/secondary code is set by presenting a Cotag card containing the valid distributor code/secondary code.

Technical data

Interface to controller

Set by Configuration card

Card technology


Card compatibility

Set by presenting card

Card read distance

Up to 23 cm with active card. Up to 8 cm with passive card.


3 x LED (red/yellow/green)
1 x Buzzer



Operating voltage

10.6 to 32 VDC

Current consumption

33 mA @ 12V DC
35 mA @ 24V DC


Indoor & outdoor



Dimensions (W x H x D)

68mm x 73mm x 13.5mm



Operation temperature

-30°C to +50°C

Tamper protection


Housing material

High impact polycarbonate outer casing, with encapsulated electronics

Housing protection (EN 60529)



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ARxxS-MF Accessories
ARxxS-MF Accessories


SiPass integrated MP 2.65 or later support FW upgrade of the AR10S-MF, AR11S-MF, AR40S-MF and AR41S-MF card readers via the system. - For earlier SiPass integrated versions the ARxxS-MF FW Upgrade Utility has to be used, if a customer would like to upgrade the FW of the card reader.


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BB5 Flush Mounting Kits


BB5 is a flush-mounting kit designed to provide an unobtrusive and aesthetically appealing installation of the BM3, BM31 and TP5.

Technical data

Dimensions (W x H x D)

117 x 260 mm (external)
85 x 235 x 33 mm (recess)

BB6 Flush Mounting Kits


BB6 is a flush-mounting kit designed to provide a discreet and secure installation of PR500-EM and PR500-Cotag. It hides the reader.

Technical data

Dimensions (W x H x D)

117 x 200 mm (external)
85 x 175 x 33 mm (recess)