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Hands-free, proximity or multi-purpose? Take your pick.

Vanderbilt recommends Cotag®, smart card or standard proximity (125 kHz) technology for new access control installations. We can also provide magnetic stripe cards for use in existing magnetic stripe systems.

Cotag® is a very convenient and user-friendly access card technology that is unique on the market. When Cotag® technology is used, it is possible to have both proximity and hands-free card reading in the same system. All Cotag® readers can read both active (long-range) and passive (proximity) Cotag® cards and tags, and both types of cards and tags can be mixed in the same system to provide ultimate convenience and cost-efficiency.

Smart cards offer a high level of security and provide the advantage of being multi-purpose. They function as proximity access cards, but since they can store much more information they can also be used as cash cards at company restaurants or vending machines, for example. It is also possible to store biometric data such as fingerprint templates.

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